Would you climb Mt. Everest without a Sherpa?

Let us guide you on your unique recruiting journey!

Would you climb Mt. Everest without a Sherpa?

A Positive Guide For Student Athletes and Families

We are dedicated to guiding High School Lacrosse Athletes on their unique journey of playing the sport they love in college!

Our journey started back many years ago when both our kids started playing Lacrosse in the local youth leagues. They grew to love the sport, playing with both the high school team and on a summer travel team. Fast forward, we now have two college bound student athletes, our son will attend The Naval Academy and our daughter will be a Mercer University Bear. So, after spending countless hours searching for answers only leading to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated for both the athletes and parents, we knew there was a better way!

Our local, personalized student athlete recruiting process starts with your profile. Then we “Huddle Up” to explore your unique journey, of finding your right college “FIT”.

GET Prepared, GET Connected, GET Recruited and find your dream college!

Studying in the Kitchen

It’s All About YOU

It all starts with getting to know you, that’s right! We “Huddle-Up” and patiently learn all about YOU. Our chat is a discovery process that explores all your interests and reveals the answers you may already know and will need on your journey. While our process can be divided into 3 steps, it’s really an ongoing effort that grows as you get more involved. We get it! Preparing to get recruited, add in the long recruiting process and finding your right college “FIT” can be  overwhelming, with tons of to-do’s and endless research. Rest easy, we break-it-down into simple steps that enable YOU, the student athlete to control your recruiting plan. Whew! That being said, it’s going to take your consistent effort and ongoing commitment! Are You Ready?

Understanding Your “4-U FIT”

The 4U Fit

As we learn all about you and what makes you the student athlete so unique, it reveals your many college opportunities that are best viewed by understanding these 4 key areas: Academic, Athletic, Financial and Social. This establishes a picture of you, “Your 4-U Fit”. By engaging you throughout this process it reveals the foundation of your best “FIT”. See, you’re not just a profile, you ARE unique… and you ARE a college bound student athlete. Your goals, family, hopes and dreams are all a VERY important part of YOU!

Positive Guide For Student Athletes

Getting Prepared

You’re in the game now, you know the game plan, it’s your personal playbook. Knowing where you are today and where you want to go, the recruited line are two points on your journey. We connect the dots by first, getting you prepared to get recruited.

Would you go to your high school prom without dressing-up? So don’t expect to get recruited before getting prepared. Seriously, you’ve got this!

Keep Your Momentum Going

As you explore your college opportunities always keep in mind what’s most important to you as a college bound student athlete. Now that you’re prepared, understand that making adjustments along the way is a normal part of your overall recruiting plan. As opportunities change like adding or removing a college on your target list, it’s not a big deal. Think of this as playing your biggest rival. You watch their film, the coaches talk about a game plan then it’s all about executing on the field. Making those minor adjustments as the game develops, that’s what’s it’s all about. We’re on your team, keeping you moving forward!

Positive Guide For Student Athletes

Your Journey, Your Success, Let’s Get Connected!

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