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College Athletic Associations and Recruiting   National Collegiate Athletic Associations: (NCAA) DI, II, III         NCAA Men’s and Women's Lacrosse Recruiting Calendar:   NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete Roughly 490,000+ student-athletes compete at more than 1,100+ colleges and universities. Division I schools generally have more students and larger athletics budgets than [...]


Questions to Ask on a College Visit

On any college visit you should be prepared to ask thoughtful questions that are important to your experience academically, athletically, financially and socially as a recruited student athlete. Questions are separated for each group: Coaching staff, current athletes, admissions and financial aid. Questions for the Coaching Staff What positions do they see you playing on [...]

The Parents Role in the College Recruiting Journey

A parent's role in the recruiting journey is critical to your child’s success Prospective college-bound student-athletes and their family need a simple plan to Get Prepared, to Get Connected and to ultimately Get Recruited. Getting recruited by colleges takes preparation, persistence and planning. No organization can promise a college scholarship, that’s up to the college [...]


Student-Athlete Guide Your Freshman to Senior Year Journey!

Freshman Year, Total Excitement! Academics, Grades and Test Scores Freshman year arrives and you’re full of excitement! Have fun and get involved and explore academically, athletically and socially. Understand that the next 4 years your grades and test scores are one of the most important measurements of the college admissions plan. If you need help [...]

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