Keep in mind the big picture here. You’re looking for your dream school, enjoying your friends and family on Social Media BUT, don’t let it be a pastime. Use Social Media as a tool to get recruited. As a prospective college-bound student-athlete this is an exciting time for you and maybe a little scary too. Exploring opportunities and finding your right college “FIT” is not easy, we get it!

Let’s explore and amplify your personal brand!

  • Start by cleaning up your social media accounts. Keep your posts and pictures positive, encouraging, courteous, respectful, unselfish and FUN.
  • Post only what you are most proud of, it should inspire your teammates, coaches, family, youth league players or anyone else who is browsing your profile.
  • Stay far away from profanity, innuendo, embarrassing pictures, compromising stories, mentioning drugs or alcohol, political or religious content, you knew this right!

College Coaches and Athletic Staff will search your social media to see what type of image you’re projecting. Give them a reason to say YES, we like this student athlete.

  • You might be a great high school athlete, with multiple state titles, awards and an impressive stat sheet but if you trash talk about your teammates or coaches or have negative comments you will get passed up quickly and you may never know why.
  • It’s no secret college coaches are looking for the best students and best athletes that will make a positive impact to their team and enhance the reputation of their school. Make sure your profile, posts and comments show your best image, it’s your personal brand!

College Admissions Team search social media to find out more about your character and integrity. Your overall social media presence can show them what a great person you are and how you will be an engaging addition to their student body.

As you fill out your written applications, while writing a glowing personal statement about how great you are, know this paper image should absolutely match your social media personal brand. Ask yourself, does it?

3 Thoughtful Tips that will “up your brand”

  1. Be Yourself – don’t try to be anyone else. You’ve worked hard to get to this point in your recruiting journey. Show that you are a well-rounded, student athlete.
  2. Try to Connect – find common experiences with other players, coaches, teachers or administrators, friends and family.
  3. Uniqueness – Speak to your unique strengths and qualities as a student and athlete.

Always keep your messaging across all communication platforms consistent: from social media, email, phone, text or personal meetings with coaches and players. Social Media is only one form of your overall communication playbook that makes up your personal brand. Let’s Get Connected, and amplify your personal brand today!

Lastly, valuing your social media reputation should be one of your top priorities. If you don’t, college coaches, athletic departments and admissions staff won’t either. One way to ensure you are keeping a positive image is to use the “mom test”. Ask yourself what would your mom think of it? College Coaches understand you are still in high school but if they see you are involved in negative drama or see less than favorable pictures they might favor another talented student athlete over you. Keep your drama low and your team high!

Quick tips on how to effectively use Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to show your best personal brand

Social media allows you to make endless connections that can enhance and broaden your online recruiting image. Be selective in who you follow, what you like and what you comment on. Protecting, enhancing and amplifying your image is your goal, keep working on it!

  • Follow: Colleges, coaches, conferences, professional writers, NCAA, NAIA, CollegeBoard, ACT, your friends and family and most certainly your favorite college lacrosse programs. You can get a pretty good idea of their collective brand, it works both ways.
  • Tweet with a purpose and use #hastags. A reference to your excitement of your team and to the next rivalry game, a tasteful short hype video, a local sports writer’s article about your team or a link to your schedule. Show your gratitude and respect for the competition, before and after the game.
  • Keep all your profiles updated. Be proud of your high school and current athletic teams. Celebrate your individual accomplishments and your team success with clear pictures and videos. Find and like the colleges that interest you and add your favorite teams, conferences, groups and current players too.
  • Have a well thought out highlight video. It’s a convenient method to introduce yourself to college coaches. Add the link to your accounts and recruiting service to get exposure, views and comments. Congratulations, you’re in the social media game!