Freshman Year, Total Excitement!

Academics, Grades and Test Scores

Freshman year arrives and you’re full of excitement! Have fun and get involved and explore academically, athletically and socially. Understand that the next 4 years your grades and test scores are one of the most important measurements of the college admissions plan. If you need help in any class consider a tutor. Read more interesting books, this will help build your vocabulary so you can do well on the verbal sections of the ACT and SAT. One of the first questions college coaches ask when looking at potential recruits is does this Student-Athlete have the grades and standardized test scores to qualify at their college? Review the NCAA eligibility requirements with your counselor. Then Get Connected with a SACC representative to start your recruiting journey!

Build Your Athletic Story

Listen to your coaches. Be a source of positivity within your team culture. High School student athletes that want to play Lacrosse in college must have a burning desire to excel on their high school team first. Making your high school team better by being a great teammate and leader on the field will ultimately help you throughout your 4 years. Additionally, it will help you later when it’s time for your coach to talk with other coaches about you personally and about your athletic ability. Keep in mind that the college Lacrosse coaching profession is a small, trusting community that relies upon each other for feedback and information.

Extracurricular Activities

Freshman year is the start of exploring other activities and interests outside of the sports you play. Weather it’s a club at school, a weekend job, summer camp, providing younger kids lessons, volunteering or honors and awards you’ve received, keep track of each one throughout high school. Including the adults you communicated with. They will be happy to provide you with a letter of recommendation when needed. Recognize, college coaches are looking for well-rounded Student Athletes that excel and show leadership both on and off the field.

Spring, Summer and Fall High School Breaks

These official breaks and family vacations are a great time to visit colleges. Plan an official tour or self-drive around campus tour, always stop by the main bookstore, student cafeteria and athletic facilities. Any visits before your senior year are considered unofficial and at your expense. If you play high school travel tournaments or with a summer club team, see what colleges are in the location of your tournaments so that you can map out a time to do a quick tour. You will be surprised on how much information you can get from just walking around and talking with students on campus. Also, check into attending summer camps offered at colleges. This is another valuable way for you to engage and explore playing and learning from college coaches and players. They usually provide instant feedback on how to improve your skills. This is an opportunity for you to take notes, when you go back home work on those suggestions while they are still fresh. Lastly, listening to and working with college coaches and players is the beginning of your ongoing recruiting journey.

Sophomore Focus On Academics

Know your current GPA. Consider taking college prep courses that challenge you if you’re ready. Often students take the PSAT or the practice ACT during sophomore year. Take this time to see your counselor and discuss the core classes required by the NCAA. You have 3 years to work on your academics weather you aced your Freshman year or if you didn’t do as well as you would have liked. Your journey is unique, be mindful of your progress. Remember, it’s never about the start, it’s more about your adjustments along the way and how you finish.

Student-Athlete Checklist - Athletically, Helping Your Team and Upping Your Game!

Athletically, Help Your Team and Up Your Game!

If you earned a starting spot or are seeing solid playing time that’s fantastic. Great work! Keep growing your game by listening to your coaches and putting in the necessary time and reps. If you have yet to see much playing time but realize that your time will come then make sure you are always ready. Know, you don’t have to be a starter to get recruited by colleges. Elite high school programs typically have players that won’t see significant playing time until their Junior year. Understand what your current role is and ask your coaches what you need to do to earn more playing time. It’s not too early to make a broad list of colleges that interest you. Work with SACC, to explore your best college “FIT”. GET Prepared and get the tools you need to GET Recruited!

Junior Year Academics are HUGE!

Academically this is one of the most important years for the college admissions process. Take advanced or honors classes that fit your ability. You need do your absolute best. See your counselor to discuss your progress and what classes will help you the most. You have two years of academics left to average into your overall GPA. Take both the ACT and SAT and see which one fits you better. Then send your test scores and grades to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Athletics, Playing The Sport You Love In College

Your first priority is to continue making a positive impact on your high school team. Your current coaches are looking for your consistent effort and leadership on the practice field and in games. Starting September 1st, college coaches are allowed to contact you, know the Lacrosse recruiting calendar. Playing on your high school travel team or a summer/fall club team, will give you a better understanding into the college recruiting process. If those are not an option, try attending a college prospect day, summer camp or other on campus college clinic. A few of the benefits include: 1. Gaining exposure and building relationships with college coaches. 2. Playing with and against some of the best players. 3. Improving your skills and IQ.

Highlight Video:  Let’s Get Noticed!

College coaches have a limited travel budget, so having a well thought out highlight video is a great way for you to gain exposure and interest. Most high school teams video each game so make sure you are working with a service to market you effectively. Get Prepared, Get Connected, and Get Recruited!

Senior Year, You Made It, Finish The Drill!

6 Areas to Keep Your Momentum Going

  1. Make sure you are communicating with your counselor, recheck all requirements for graduation. They are a wealth of knowledge and information.
  2. Retake the ACT or SAT if needed. Most people take them a few times. Invest in test prep to help you with strategy and content areas that you need refreshing. Some colleges will accept your Super Score.
  3. Meet with college representatives who visit your school. It’s a great way to learn what colleges are offering to students, even if those schools are not your best “Fit”.
  4. Keep in mind your best college fit, and why. If you haven’t contacted a SACC representative, it’s not too late to start your unique journey! With so many college options and limited time it’s important to focus on your best “FIT” list.
  5. Applications & Financial Aid: Each College has their own application, invest the time to print and carefully read everything, be aware of all the deadlines and information needed to complete each one.
  6. Keep a page of critical due dates and key information at the beginning of each application. Each year the FAFSA opens on October 1st. File your application as close to this date as possible to improve your chances to qualify for the most grant and scholarship aid.

Academics Your Final Big Push to Graduation

Your almost there, nice work! As a Freshman we mentioned how critical your grades and ACT & SAT test scores are as they have a direct effect on how much Financial Aid you receive so put the extra effort into achieving your highest grades and best standardized test scores.

Athletics Make It Memorable, Let’s GET Recruited!

How do you want to remember your final year of high school athletics? Enjoy your last ride! You’ve spent the last 4 years or more with your teammates and coaches, let them know how you feel and show your appreciation and gratitude throughout your last year. Continue being a great teammate, show the kind of leadership you were shown when you were an underclassmen. Also, keep supporting the positive culture of your program. College-Bound Student-Athletes should have a complete game plan: Getting Prepared, Getting Connected and ultimately Getting Recruited!

Congratulations you made it! Look back and enjoy all your achievements!