Use these positive tips at a Practice, Game, Showcase, Prospect Day or on Campus Recruiting Event.

Think of yourself as a product on the shelf in a grocery store. Your’re creating an image of yourself, your personal brand. How do you what your image to look? It’s YOUR responsibility to create a clear image of YOU! You’re on college coaches’ radar, expect that they will be watching you initially on video, at recruiting events, on campus prospect day, and certainly on social media. They want to see if your brand “FITS” in their team culture. And you want to uncover, if they are the right “FIT” for you too!

How do you carry yourself? What does YOUR body language say about YOU?

College coaches are not only watching you pass accurately, dodge with a purpose, rip a shot on goal or play great team defense. They are watching your body language when things go wrong, mistakes are going to happen. It’s how you react to these situations that will be something they remember. So, keep your shoulders and head UP, move on from it quickly, by playing great defense, or hustling off the field. Remember the best players are always looking forward, ready for the next play. Be that player!

Always play with positive energy!

Play hard and run full speed, that’s what college coaches are looking for and it’s what will set you apart. Go all out on the 50-50 ground balls. And if you get it great, look up field, advance the ball. If not, play lights out defense on the person who does.

The little things always make a big difference.

Players going to play at the college level can all score, but can they show they are unselfish by making that extra pass, “One More”, to a teammate that is in a better position?

How effective is your style of communication?

Talking to your teammates before game time, between plays, on the sidelines, updating a coach with what you just noticed on the field, encouraging a fellow teammate when they make a mistake. Is this your personal style?

Be decisive when you get the ball.

Know your role and understand the plays BEFORE you get on the field. When the situation presents itself for you to make a great dodge and attack the goal, go 100% and take your best shot! Remember, keeping the ball moving creates opportunities for you and your teammates. Don’t run with your head down, see the field and find that open player! Coaches are ALWAYS looking for those UNSELFISH players!

Best-on-Best, match up on the best players!

If you want to improve your game, play against the best players at whatever your position. Locate them on the field and say who you have, I’ve got number 12! What a great way for not only the coaches to notice you but this gives you a snapshot of where your game is and where you can improve.

On offense, you will only have the ball about 10-15% of the time.

What are you going do the other 85-90%? Set picks, cut to the cage, clear thru to allow a dodger to run are all important things to do when you do not have the ball in your stick. This off ball movement shows coaches you have a deeper understanding of how the game is played.