On any college visit you should be prepared to ask thoughtful questions that are important to your experience academically, athletically, financially and socially as a recruited student athlete. Questions are separated for each group: Coaching staff, current athletes, admissions and financial aid.

Questions for the Coaching Staff

What positions do they see you playing on your team?

How many other players may be competing at the same position?

What expectations do you have for training and conditioning? In season? Off season?

How would you best describe your coaching style?

When does the head coach’s contract end? How long does the coach intend to stay?

How many players are currently on the roster?

How many athletes do you recruit for each position?

Is medical insurance required? Is it provided by the college?

If I am seriously injured while competing, who is responsible for my medical expenses?

Additional Questions for Coaches

How many recruited athletes are in each class? How many remain? Why did the others leave?

Can scholarship awards increase based upon on field performance?

Have any athletes been cut from the team?

How many athletes have transferred to other schools in the past 4 years?

Questions to ask Admissions

How good is the department in my major? How many students are in the department?

What are graduates of the program doing after school? Percent with jobs right out of college?

What percentage of players on scholarship graduate? In 4 years? In 5 years? In 6 years?

What is the current team’s grade-point average? What are their majors?

What academic support programs are available to student-athletes? Are team tutors available?

If I have a diagnosed and documented disability, what kind of academic services are available?

How many credit hours should I take in/out of season to complete my degree in 4 year?

Is there preferred scheduling for student athletes?

Is summer school available? If I need to take summer school, will it be paid for by the college?

College life Questions for Current Student Athletes

What is a typical day for a student-athlete? Practice time, film, classes, mandatory study, travel? Do tutors travel with the team?

Do you like the athletic dorms? Number of bathrooms, study desks, laundry facilities and number of students per room?

What forms of transportation do you use to travel? Bus or fly?

What social events to you have time to enjoy on campus? In season? Off season?

What do you like the most about being a student athlete? The least?

Do you feel safe on campus? What safety plans are in place? For dorms, athletic facilities, library and classrooms?

What type of crimes do you hear about?

Financial Aid Questions for Admissions and Athletic Director

How much financial aid is available for both the academic year and summer school? What does your scholarship cover?

How long does my scholarship last?

What are my opportunities for employment while I am a student? Work study, other?

Exactly how much will the athletics scholarship be? What will and will not be covered?

Am I eligible for additional financial aid? Are there any NCAA or school restrictions?

Who is financially responsible if I am injured while competing?

Under what circumstances can my scholarship be increased, reduced or canceled? Is there a policy?

Are there academic criteria tied to maintaining the scholarship? Minimum GPA?

What scholarship money is available after eligibility is exhausted to help me complete my degree? How is aid awarded? How do I qualify?

What scholarship money is available if I suffer an athletics career-ending injury? If any?

Will my scholarship be maintained if there is a change in coaches?