A parent’s role in the recruiting journey is critical to your child’s success

Prospective college-bound student-athletes and their family need a simple plan to Get Prepared, to Get Connected and to ultimately Get Recruited. Getting recruited by colleges takes preparation, persistence and planning. No organization can promise a college scholarship, that’s up to the college admissions staff and athletic department.

Let’s explore your student athlete’s unique college “FIT” and make their dream a reality!

3 thoughts to easy your concern

  1. Many student-athletes think they have to be a starter, a goal scorer or have a long list of awards to be offered an athletic scholarship, not so. Of course, they need to have the appropriate level of skills, athleticism and academics. Then making their dream a reality is about finding the right college “FIT”.
  2. Work with SACC to get your student-athletes journey started! Having a simple, step-by-step recruiting plan will ease the stress on your family and help make the recruiting journey more enjoyable.
  3. Parents can provide positive support and have an honest discussion with your student-athlete about playing the sport they love in college. Ask them to review the web resources links to learn about the recruiting process for each athletic association. (NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA)

GET Prepared, GET Connected and GET Recruited!